Youth·Female Fishermen
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#Gender and Equity

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Session 2
Youth & Female Fishermen
Cases of women and young fishermen who lead change and innovation in fishing community and strengthen empowerment
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[환영사] 미정
[축사] 미정
주요 초청인사
기념촬영 및 장내 정리
[발제 1] Gilles van de Walle, FAO Fishery Officer
  • 어촌사회의 여성 및 청년어업인 육성 우수사례와 과제
[발제 2] Mar Lopez-Leiton, Spain Galicia FLAG
  • 스페인 갈리시아 여성어업인 성공사례
[발제 3] 이창수, 수협중앙회 수산경제연구원 전문연구원
  • 한국 여성&청년어업인 육성을 위한 정책과 도전과제
[발제 4] 이봉국, ㈜ 봉선장 대표이사
  • 바다에서 당신의 집까지, 청년어업인 우수사례
휴식 및 장내 정리
[좌장] Hillary Egna, AQUAFISH Director
[지정토론 1] Marie Christine Monfort, GLOBEFISH Consultant
[지정토론 2] Afrina Choudhury, WorldFish Specialist
[지정토론 3] Nicole Franz, FAO Team Leader
[지정토론 4] 정준호, 해양수산부 소득복지과장


Park Sang-Woo

Director General / Fishing Community Research Bureau of Korea Maritime Institute / Republic of Korea


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Kyung-Won  University (1992-1996)

Master in Planning and Design, The University of Melbourne (1998-1999)

Doctor Completion in Urban and Regional Planning (2008-2013)


▶ Experience

● 2001 – Present : Director General, Fishing Community Research Bureau., Korea Maritime Institute

● 2022 – Present : Policy Advisor, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries

● 2023 – Present : Member of Rural Affairs Division, Presidential Special Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Areas


[Speaker] Nordic perspectives on youth and female fishers

Kristina Svels

Senior Scientist / Natural Resources Institute Finland / Republic of Finland




Dr. Kristina Svels is a senior researcher (Ph.D. in Rural Sociology) at the Natural Resources Institute,

Finland (LUKE), within the Bioeconomy and Economy unit’s research group ‘Land use, rural

development and governance’. She is Associated Professor at Åbo Akademi University within the

profile program ‘The Sea’ (Docent of Public Administration, Marine and Natural Resource

Governance). Kristina has a broad transdisciplinary background across rural and marine contexts.

She thematically works with ‘fisheries in changing societies’, conducts marine social science research

in the small-scale fisheries sector and has research interests in fisheries governance, intersectionality

and gender issues in blue sectors, sustainability research and she studies participation and social

human-animal conflicts.


Kristina takes part in collaborative local studies between researchers and fishers in the national

EMFAF innovation program. Alongside fisheries studies she leads and participates in several

sustainability and tourism projects. She has a special interest in maritime community and coastal

heritage issues, having studied natural transboundary World Heritage sites for her PhD. With Nordic

collaborators she initiated the social science gender research network Sisters in the Arctic Blue,

funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, in 2021.


Kristina has regularly participated in and organised national and international conferences and

workshops on fisheries governance, coastal empowerment, and conflict resolution. She has

authored and co-authored articles, chapters and conference proceedings on sustainability, gender,

rural and marine empirical and theoretical perspectives.


[Speaker] Youth and Women: New Driving Force for fishing villages?

Lee Chang-Soo

Research Fellow / Fisheries Economic Institute / Republic of Korea



Research Fellow, Fisheries Economic Institute

▶ Experience   

● 2013 – Present : Research Fellow, Fisheries Economic Institute

● 2009.7 – 2010.6 : Researcher, Korea Fisheries Infrastructure Public Agency

● 2004.9 – 2009.6 : Researcher, Korea Maritime Institute

● 2022 : Pukyong National University  PhD in Business Administration

● 2004 : Pukyong National University  MBA

● 2002 : Pukyong National University Bachelor of Business Administration

[Speaker] Sea to home: Best practice of young fisherman

Lee Bong-Guk

CEO / Captain Bong / Republic of Korea



Department of Mechanical Engineering, Korea aviation

▶ Experience  

● 2019 - present : Hwi Nam Ho

● 2022 : CEO, captainbong company

[Speaker] The Blue Ocean of Blue Food : Gamtae Branding

Song Ju-Hyeon

CEO / BADASOOP / Republic of Korea


College of Business Administration, Kookmin University 

▶ Experience
● 2022 : Gamtae(seaweed) Pop-up in Hong Kong
● 2019 : Gamtae(seaweed) Pop-up in Paris, France
● 2021 : Establishment of Girin Company(BADASOOP)
● 2014 : Establishment of Songwon Food(BADASOOP)
● 2005 - 2012 : Software Development at Motorola Korea


Kim Dong-Ho

Reporter / The Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock News / Republic of Korea



Reporter of The Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock News

▶ Experience  

● 2010 - present : Reporter of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Newspaper

● 2011 : Graduated from Inha University (B.A. in Public Administration and Political Science)


Afrina Choudhury

Specialist / WorldFish / Bangladesh



Ph. D. Candidate, Konwledge Technology and Innovations Group, Wageningen School of Social Sciences, Netherlands

Masters in Development Studies, BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), BRAC University

▶ Experience

● Dec 2019- Present : PhD Candidate, WorldFish and Wageningen University

● Jan 2019- December 2022: Research Fellow (Senior Gender Specialist): WorldFish, Bangladesh

● Jan 2012 to December 2018: Program Priority Leader/Gender Specialist: WorldFish, Bangladesh


Lee Hyun-Jin

Samsamhaemul the fisheries union corporation / CEO / Republic of Korea


Dongmyeong University Bachelor Department of Social and Physical Education

Gyeongsang National University Bachelor Department of Marine Food and Biomedical Sciences

▶ Experience

● 2019 – Present : CEO SamsamhaemulSeafood Co., Ltd

● 2016 Present CEO Samsamhaemul the fisheries union corporation

● 2012 – 2016 :  CEO Samsamhaemul

● 2010 – 2012 : CEO Future distribution

● 2003 – 2010 : GS Retail Foremen Fisheries part



Jeong Joon-Ho

Director / Income and Welfare Division,Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries / Republic of Korea


MA, University of Kent

BA, Sogang University


● 2023  Present : Director, Income and Welfare Division

● 2020  2021 : Director, Smart Shipping Division

● 2013  2014 : Marine Environment Policy Division


Woo Jeong-Min

Haenyeo(female divers) / Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province / Republic of Korea


▶ Experience   

● 2023  : Filming a German documentary / Appearing on KNN's 'One Day Restaurant' / Featuring on the YouTube channel 'GoPro' as a pro / Recording for Kim Eo-jun's radio show at the end of the month / Shooting a movie for Apple TV

● 2022 : Participation in the LaBohème campaign event

● 2021 : Consulting and acting as a stunt double for the movie 'Smuggler' / Appointed as a promotional ambassador for Tongyeong Maritime Police and an honorary civilian maritime rescue team member / Appearing on the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries' 'Catch Interview' / Filming an advertisement for 'Barrel' on YouTube

● 2020 : Appearance on MBC Every1's 'Order the Sea' 

● 2019 : Starting a YouTube channel called 'Modern Haenyeo' / Selecting personalities for the 'People of Geoje' project in Geoje City

● 2016 : female divers Start


Nicole Franz

Team Leader / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) / Germany



Master in International Cooperation and Project Design from University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy (2004)

Master in Economic and Cultural Cooperation and Human Rights in the Mediterranean Region, 

University of International Studies, Rome, Italy (2003) Degree in Development Economics, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy (2022)


▶ Experience

● Development economist with 20 years of experience in intergovernmental organizations

 Since 2021: Equitable Livelihood Team Leader, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, Rome, Italy

● 2011 - 2020: Fishery Planning Analyst, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, Rome, Italy

● 2009 - 2010: Fishery Planning Analyst at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, France

 2003 - 2008: consultant for FAO and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome, Italy