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The 2023 International Conference on Fishing Communities (ICFC 2023) will be held in Busan, the Ocean Capital of Korea.


In human history, fishing communities have been the driving force behind fisheries and regional development.
The fishing communities have faced various crises, including aging, declining population, disaster vulnerability, and reduced self-sufficiency rate of fisheries, and the world now needs to find common solutions.


This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss various challenges,
including community, industrial accidents, fishing and aquaculture, blue fishing ports, climate change, disasters and safety, smart fishing communities, fishing heritage, and cooperation and solidarity between countries, facing fishing communities around the world.


The 2023 International Conference on Fishing Communities (ICFC 2023),
the world's first international conference to implement the new future vision and sustainability of fishing communities, offers a variety of additional events such as performances, promotions, and exhibition halls, as well as academic events.


Please look forward to it and show your support.
Thank you.

President of Korea Maritime Institute Kim Jong-Deog