Program Overview

Sep 19(Tue)
Welcome Reception
  • 18:30-21:00
    Welcome Reception
    • Greeting participants & Networking among key figures
Sep 20(Wed)
Opening Event
  • 10:30–14:30
    Pre-Ceremonial Event
    • Field Trip and Luncheon
    • Press Conference
    • Commemorative Photograph
  • 14:30–15:30
    Opening Ceremony
    • Declaration of the Opening
    • Welcoming and Congratulatory Messages to celebrate ICFC 2023
    Founding Event
    • Relay interview messages from fishing communities around the world
    • Screening a video containing the main theme of ICFC 2023
  • 15:30–16:15
    Keynote Lecture
    • "100% Fish - Growing the blue economy in smaller communities"
    • "Blue Tranformation"
  • 16:15–17:00
    Discussion in Celebration of the ICFC Establishment
    • Sharing the ideas of principles and implementation measures for sustainable development in fishing communities
  • 17:00–20:00
    Opening Event
    • Crossover performance mixed with Korean traditional and contemporary music
Sep 21(Thu)
Academic Event
  • 9:30–12:30
    Session 1
    Fishing Communities
    • Challenges and tasks of the transition era facing fishing Communities
    Session 2
    Youth·Female Fishermen
    • Cases of Youth and Female fishermen who lead change and innovation in fishing communities and strengthen empowerment
    Session 3
    Fishing & Aquaculture
    • Fishing and aquaculture challenges for future sustainability of small-scale fisheries
    Session 4
    Blue Ports Initiative
    • Cases of social, economic and environmental future value creation of fishing ports and challenges for convers
    Session 5
    Industrial Accidents in Fishery
    • Best practices for fishermen’s occupational safety and health improvement, and tasks for preemptive prevention
  • 12:30-13:30
    • Exhibition of global fishing equipment and techniques, fishery culture, and relevant policies from governments
  • 14:00–16:30
    Session 6
    International Cooperation
    • Cases of cooperation and solidarity between countries and efforts to strengthen global coexistence in the fishing community sector
    Session 7
    Climate Change & Disaster Management
    • Tasks to improve Settlement conditions in fishing communities in response to vulnerability of climate change and disaster
    Session 8
    Smart Fishing Communities
    • Best practices and expansion plans for smart fishing communities applying cutting-edge technology and innovation
    Session 9
    Fishery Heritage
    • Developing a sustainable fishing communities through utilization and discovery in fishery heritage
    Session 10
    Fishing Community Tourism
    • Strategies and tasks for revitalizing community-based tourism for sustainable development of fishing community
  • 16:30-17:30
    • Summay of key messages and recommended actions to empower fishing communities